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If you are tired of the 9 to 5 work grind, Bohostyle is here to tell you that it is possible to escape the rat race. Do you crave independence, financial freedom and travel? If so, having your own beloved business is the path that resonates with you.

Are you ready to get off the wheel and create your own path in life?

It's time for you to begin to live a life you've dreamed of, in a world where you are no longer trapped by endless tasks, time-draining meetings and soul-sucking work. The bohostyle era has begun for you and we are here to make it happen! 

You are the music maker and the dreamer of dreams, the mover and shaker of your world forever!

We will work on a 3-phase plan to build your own boho shop to make sure you are satisfied with each and every step we take. You'll pay only the first fee to get your boho store's website up and running, and only after completing the first phase will you be required to pay the next one, until full completion of your online store.

Welcome to the Bohostyle journey! 


1. website design

Your site has to be stunningly beautiful and also intuitive, both on desktop and mobile. But mainly it has to reflect who you are and what you love!


2. product integration

Now it's time to be creative! Choose the Bohostyle products you want to sell at your store and get them at wholesale price! You can also add your own products!


3. social&BUSINESS APPs

The time is now: now that we have your business ready to launch, we'll make it grow! We'll set up your social strategy to boost sales and provide you with the righ business tools (desktop and mobile) for you to independently run your business!

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